Guiding Good Choices

Guiding Good Choices

Our fall series is now open! Register HERE!

Orientation: Tuesday November 2nd 5:30pm – 6:15pm

Meetings: Tuesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm, November 7th – December 2nd

The Guiding Good Choices Workshop is FREE and open to all community members.

Guiding Good Choices (GGC) is a workshop that provides parents with the knowledge and skills needed to guide their children through early adolescence. Consistent, positive parental involvement is important to helping children resist substance use and other antisocial behaviors. This program is has five-sessions, not including an introductory session, that focuses on strengthening family bonds, managing family conflict, preventing substance abuse in the family, setting clear family expectations regarding drugs and alcohol and avoiding trouble. Sessions are interactive with opportunities for parents to practice new skills and receive feedback. Families also receive a Family Guide containing family activities, discussion topics, skill-building exercises, and information on positive parenting. 

*Guiding Good Choices is open to all parents/caregivers, children do not have to be between the ages of 9-14.

If you need assistance to attend please contact Mollie Mustoe. Clarkston EPIC may be able to help!