Guided by Data

EPIC uses demographic data to determine needs of the community related to youth mental health and substance use. We then select and implement evidence-based programs and campaigns that best address these needs. EPIC works closely with the Clarkston School District to collaborate on the implementation of prevention programs within the schools. EPIC is actively engaged in creating a Youth Coalition to encourage youth involvement in community prevention efforts.

Clarkston lies along the Snake River and is only a bridge away from Lewiston, Idaho. Clarkston and Lewiston comprise the area called the LC Valley. The two cities were named for the Lewis-Clark Expedition that traveled through the Valley. We are known for our mild climate, fishing, camping, boating and other outdoor recreation. Tourism is vital to the area. We are the eastern-most seaport on the West Coast. Barges take our region’s wheat and lumber products to national and international destinations.

There are LC Valley agencies that are accessed in both communities. For example, the LC Valley United Way, located in Lewiston, provides services on both sides of the river and is a member of EPIC.

General Demographics:
  • Clarkston is located in Asotin County and makes up 90% of the county’s population. Asotin County has a population of about 22,000 people.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Clarkson has roughly 7,200 residents within city limits.
  • When including unincorporated areas including Clarkston Highland & the Heights-Vineland the greater Clarkston area has about 18,410 residents

U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Asotin County, Washington; Clarkston city, Washington

Demographic Information

Clarkston School District Total Student Population: 2,260 (Four elementary schools, one middle schools, one high school and one alternative school)