Community Town Halls

Town Halls

Clarkston EPIC hosts an annual Town Hall on topics of concern in our community and information related to the work of prevention work. Our goal for these Town Halls is to bring an awareness and understanding of community needs and prevention, how it works, and why it is essential. We update our community about what our coalition is doing to create a safer and more resilient community for our youth and ways you can help.  

2023 Town Hall – Old Drugs, New Threats

We’re inviting you to the upcoming Town Hall – Old Drugs, New Threats on Saturday April 22nd at Walla Walla Community College in Clarkston. Join us for a community resource fair and free prescription take back from 1 to 2 PM, followed by an exciting presentation by Melissa Moore, a certified prevention specialist, and panel discussion with local experts.

Together we’ll learn about the basics of substance use disorder, the latest trends, products, and devices – and explore the importance of prevention and the strengths of our community.

1-2pm: Resource Fair & Prescription Take Back
2-4:30pm: Presentation by Melissa Moore & Panel Discussion

Light refreshments will be available.

2022 Town Hall – Bridging the Gap: Adversity and Youth Substance Misuse

We partnered with the LC Valley Resilience coalition to discuss ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and their connection to youth substance use. We held a viewing of the documentary Paper Tigers, presentations from local youth counselors, substance use disorder providers, ACEs/resilience trainer and Clarkston’s Student Resource Officer followed by a panel discussion. We hope this town hall will helped our community understand ACEs and how to prevent and counteract them so we can reduce youth substance use in our community.

Paper Tigers follows six troubled teens over the course of a year at Lincoln Alternative High
School in rural Walla Walla, Washington. Considered a last chance before dropping out, many
students come to Lincoln with a history of behavioral problems, truancy, and substance abuse.
Then, in 2010, Principal Jim Sporleder learned about the science of what a rough childhood does
to a developing brain. “Stressed brains can’t learn” was what he took away from an educational
conference. He returned to his school convinced that traditional punishments like suspension
were only exacerbating the problems of the students there. Sporleder says: “I was hunting everywhere
for the curriculum. It’s not a curriculum. So it was trying to figure out, how do you take this
theory and put it into practice?”

2021 Town Hall – A Prevention Conversation

EPIC and our Partners brought our community a six part information series about opioid and prevention youth misuse under the campaign banner banner of One Valley, One Voice. You can find a copy of the recordings of our series under on our YouTube page.

  • Opioids: The Basics – Public Health North Central District & Clarkston EPIC
  • Panel Discussion: Our Providers on Opioid Misuse – Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Clarkston EPIC
  • Panel Discussion: Our First Responders on Opioid Misuse – First Responders of the LC Valley & Clarkston EPIC
  • Having the Conversation with Our Youth – Boys & Girls Club of the LC Valley & Clarkston EPIC
  • Recovery Resources in the LC Valley – Asotin County Public Health & Clarkston EPIC
  • Safeguarding our Community: A Panel of Our Partners – panelists from previous presentations