About Us

Our mission is to empower people with knowledge to build a more resilient and protective community for the well-being of our youth.

Clarkston EPIC is a community lead youth substance use prevention & mental health promotion coalition. EPIC was formed in 2012 when our community was identified as having an above average rate of youth substance use in the state of Washington.

EPIC leads campaigns and community programs to increase youth connection to family, friends & community. These connections foster healthy life decisions, prevent substance use and create long-term positive changes in our community.

Clarkston EPIC’s primary goal is to minimize the likelihood that our youth will develop short & long- term physical and emotional problems as a result of substance use.  After reviewing state and local data, we define our goals, select and implement evidence and research-based prevention programs to reduce substance use by our youth.

Our success is thanks to the hard work of individuals, organizations, and their belief in our mission. Together we are building a safer and stronger community committed to the heath and prosperity of our youth. EPIC aims to create long-term, sustainable, and positive change in our community with every campaign and service we provide.