Start Talking Now

Research shows when parents and trusted adults are involved in their teenagers’ lives, set clear rules and expectations, and monitor what they do; teens are less likely to use alcohol and other drugs. These conversations are especially valuable during difficult times and/or when teens are struggling with their mental health. Start Talking Now provides parents with the tools to have effective conversations about making healthy life decisions, strengthen family bonds and create clear rules & expectations with their teens. Parents are the most powerful influence in their child’s life – Start Talking Now aims to help make that influence a positive one.

We are excited to bring this campaign to our community to encourage and support our youth in making healthy life choices. If you would like to learn more about this campaign you can visit the website at:

Want to work with us on this campaign? Contact Mollie Mustoe at or (509) 8758-3341 ex2217 or message us on Facebook @clarkstonepic